About Us

We are enthusiastic healthcare professionals who are passionate in exploring diverse and innovative methods of teaching by employing new cutting edge technologies. We are also committed to the development, establishment and deployment of evidence-based simulation competence within the curriculum of healthcare professionals.


Despite coming from different clinical backgrounds, we all strongly believe that the application of screen-based technologies can improve the patients’ experience by enhancing healthcare professional standards within their area of expertise. Our multidisciplinary approach represents a fertile platform for generating new ideas within the field of medical simulation.

The Team

Mr Neal Banga Picture
Mr Neal Banga
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Dr Pasquale Berlingieri
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Dr Aine Burns
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Prof Owen Epstein
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Mr Bimbi Fernando
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Dr James Goldring
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Mr Arun Kelay


ST6 in Paediatric Surgery


Instructor - Virtual Reality Laparoscopic Surgery

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Dr Jade King
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Miss Margaret Kirkby
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Mr Panagis Lykoudis
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Dr Luke Morgan-Rowe
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Dr Nick Murch
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Dr Sam Murray
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Dr Penelope Smith
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Dr Shye-Wei Wong
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Michaella Wiltshire



Patient Safety Simulation Centre Manager


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Mr Greg Wynn
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Yiwang Xu


Dr Yiwang Xu is an Interventional Radiology registrar at the Royal Free Hospital. Prior to this, he completed a Specialised Foundation Programme in IR at the Royal Free and a Specialty Training programme in Clinical Radiology (ST1-3) at Imperial College hospitals. He shares his passion in IR through collaborating with the IRJuniors and British Society of Interventional Radiology on a number of educational projects for medical students and junior doctors.



He is the lead instructor for endovascular simulation and has developed a modular curriculum for those who would like to gain career insights and basic skills in endovascular therapy.